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Product Design Solutions

Product Design

Our creative team can help you to get your ideas off the ground with our turn-key product design and innovation services, take your project from concept to market with the ease of one contract.   Scroll down to explore our services.

Creative Ideas &
3D Design

Engage with our talented product designers, we will take your concept through an ideation process ensuring that we have explored all angles before committing to the design. Select a final concept from the sketches and have our team generate a 3D CAD model for effective visualisation. We can also 3D scan tangible objects for you to view in context with your 3D product model.


Your 3D computer model is now resolved and refined. Our team will create a working prototype using 3D printing and other technologies for you to review the tangible model prior to commencing manufacturing.

Technical Design
& Sourcing

Our team can assist you in producing manufacturing drawings and connect you with our network of local and international manufacturers. We also have experience in IP protection, construction management and mechanical engineering.

Computer Imagery

You’ve sourced your product, now it’s time to sell it. Include photorealistic computer images and video in your sales collateral. ; Use animation and sectional images to explain the function of your product.

Product Photography
& Videography

Give your product the launch it deserves with hero photos, lifestyle photos and promotional videos.

Branding &
Sales Collateral

Your product is new and exciting, our graphic designers will assist you in branding, enhancing your images and producing brochures, banners and other sales collateral.

Web Design &

Our web and software developers will assist you in launching an E-commerce website. Start collecting subscribers ready for the product launch whether it be on crowdsourcing, an online market place or even your own website taking pre-orders while the product is being manufactured.